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7 Chakra Backflow Cones

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Relax to the refreshing scent of seven chakra incense. There are approximately 10 Backflow Cones per packet.

Cone Size Approx: 1.25"

Approx Burn Time: 20 mins

* Never leave a lit incense alone whilst burning.
* Insure you Use incense in a well ventilated area.
* Please use the appropriate Backflow Incense Burners Only.
* Do not use on exposed surfaces as may cause Ash burns and staining.
* Clean incense holders regularly.
* Use in a draft free environment for best results.
* Keep away from children.
* Please do not burn incense if pregnant or have breathing problems.
* Please use incense in moderation. (Too much incense smoke may cause coughing, breathing difficulty or may trigger migraines.)