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Garnet + Sphalerite Specimen

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Awaken and protect your inner fire! Garnet activates strength and fortitude within and raise the confidence in yourself to an all-time high.Sphalerite is an incredible stone with seemingly endless abilities. From aiding with inner-self work, to protection, to giving you the energy you need to push forward through life. This stone has got you covered.


  • Length: 3.73"

  • Width: 2.08"

  • Height: 2.02"

  • Weight: 230g


  • Protection

  • Self Discovery

  • Will Power

  • Grounding


  • Solar Plexus

  • Sacral

  • Root





  • Gemini (Sphalerite)

  • Aries

  • Leo

  • Virgo

  • Capricorn

  • Aquarius